Saturday, 5 July 2008

New Flickr Group

I have started up a Maggies Monday Musings Flickr group, purposely for posting your photos of your ATC's.

If you havn't received an invite from me (sorry if i've missed you out), then either let me know or go to the link on the right hand side, where you can join straightaway.

Many thanks


Artyfax said...

Just a thought Margaret, will have to be careful with using MMM. there is another challenge with these initials - Mixed Media Monday - don't want to misdirect your audience and possibly lose them - John


ok, i'll add some more letters.
say. Maggies at Monday artist Musings. making it MAMMA lol

queenlint1 said...

Maggie! Arty! I made my card for the week. Give me a bit to photograph it and upload it. Just back from house/pet sitting at Martha Marshalls.

PS - I like MAMMA

queenlint1 said...

I put up my link and my picture of the ACEO which is awful! Batteries are charging so I'll have to get more of them later!

queenlint1 said...


I got my picture of my Parisienne uploaded and thought that it was showing in the group gallery, but it's not. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Mam said...

Right. What John said.
Mamma is good :)
Actually I followed him over here and am interested in being involved. I have been quite disappointed in the "blind" swaps, where you don't get to choose what you are trading for. Private swaps are great and I have collected some wonderful things that I fell in love with first, then arranged a trade. Please let me know how to get into your challenges. Perhaps I need to read some of your earlier posts. You can see what I'm doing (atc's only) at